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Jill P. Carter

Democrat, District 41, Baltimore City

Miller Office Building, Room 422
11 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 841-3697, (301) 858-3697

Maryland State Senator Jill P. Carter represents the state’s 41st legislative district, which

falls within the municipal boundaries of Baltimore City. She previously represented the district

as a member of the House of Delegates for 14 years, from 2003 to 2016.

In December 2016 Senator Carter resigned to become the Director of the Baltimore City

Office of Civil Rights, where she worked on issues concerning police misconduct, employment

and wage discrimination. Senator Carter stepped down as director in April 2018 after Governor

Larry J. Hogan, Jr. appointed her to the Maryland Senate. Senator Carter went on to handily

defeated her opponent in the Democratic primary election and secured the seat in the general

election, amassing more than 33,000 votes in the process. In her first year in the senate, Senator

Carter was declared one of the biggest winners of the 2019 legislative session by the Baltimore

Sun, The Daily Record, and Maryland Matters.

Senator Carter is the daughter of the late Walter P. Carter, a revered civil rights activist

and a central figure of Maryland’s civil rights movement in the ‘60s and early ‘70's. Her mother,

Zerita Joy Carter, was a public school teacher who specialized in Early Childhood Education.

Senator Carter is a graduate of Western High School. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English

from Loyola University and a J.D. from the University of Baltimore School of Law.

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