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About The Delegation

As the State’s largest city, Baltimore is the heart and economic engine of Maryland.


The Baltimore City Senate Delegation is comprised of six state senators who represent the City in the Maryland General Assembly. The Delegation is focused on representing the interests, needs, and concerns of the city and its residents. One priority is ensuring that sufficient state funds are appropriated to support Baltimore City Public Schools’ academic, infrastructure, and operational needs. Additionally, the Delegation holds hearing on important legislation that affects the City, such as those related to public safety and transportation. Each Legislative Session, the Mayor of Baltimore unveils a list of budget priorities for state consideration, which the Delegation works to secure support for.


The Baltimore City Senate Delegation’s current members are: Senator Antonio Hayes (District 40), Senator Jill Carter (District 41), Senator Mary Washington (District 43), Senator Charles Sydnor (District 44), Senator Cory McCray (District 45-Delegation Chair), and Senate President Bill Ferguson (District 46).


Cory V. McCray, Chairman

45th District Senator


Antonio Hayes,

40th  District Senator


Jill Carter,

41st District Senator


Mary Washington,

43rd District Senator


Charles Sydnor,

44th District Senator


Bill Fergeson,

46th District Senator

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